Ep. 24 | Stephen Brooks - Live at Envision Pt. 2
In the latest installment of our 'Live at Envision Festival' series, Jai Dev sits down with Envision founder and ecological visionary, Stephen Brooks. This conversation starts with a central theme that is close to both Stephen and Jai Dev's heart...the mystic legacy of the Grateful Dead! From there, the conversation winds its way through the Costa Rican jungle to the interrelatedness of all things.    You may have seen Stephen's groundbreaking work featured in the popular new Netflix Original, 'Down To Earth with Zac Efron'. Stephen's passion for life, and for his work is totally infectious, and you'll feel that in this episode. Seeking more sustainable ways to live our daily lives without compromising quality of life, he has brought his visions to fruition.  With over decades of experience working on the creation of thriving ecological communities, beginning with The Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design and Botanical Studies in Costa Rica, Stephen has become a world leader in tropical permaculture. Connection is the current running through everything Stephen has created - connection to the earth, the plants, the music, and each other. Enjoy!
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